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How to Get Developer Settings And Enable USB Debugging In Android 4.2


Since Android 4.2 is officially arrived  for Nexus 7 and now it’s on the way for Galaxy Nexus, many users may begin to experience the new features of the system and may have to enable USB debugging mode present in the developer options. Unfortunately with Android 4.2 Developer’s the developers option is gone missing from the settings menu and is no longer present. Google actually takes us a bit ‘around and the developer option is just hided and it can be easily activated with a little trick.

Google hasn’t taken the “developer” out of its Nexus line, and it’s not going to anytime soon and yeah it’s still on your device.  But the settings have been hidden from the casual view in the settings menu. Here’s how to get them back:

 Activation Option developers Android 4.2:
  • Go into settings menu and then choose, About phone
  • Now scroll down to the bottom until you see the built number
  • And now Tap  7 times on the word build  continously!
  • Now you will be landed up on the developer options menu.

Google has not forgotten to include few funny phrases during this procedure to activate the function, for example:

four tap away from being a developer

Why Google hided the Developers option from Android 4.2 ? It’s to prevent unwanted usage of the device with those people who are not having much idea about the developer options.It likely has nothing at all to do with the device in this case.  It’s just a change which has been made on Android 4.2. Developer Options include several features for android developers which helps them to build and test apps on their devices while controlling them from the PC using ADB. ADB also comes really handy for end users if they want to quickly access and run commands on their device from their computer.

Video Guide By Android Central